Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy2018-10-29T16:41:26+11:00

The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with capital growth over the long-term through exposure to companies that will benefit from disruptive innovation.

The Investment Manager will target a concentrated portfolio of global investments (primarily listed companies) which may exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:

  • a proven ability to disrupt, and the potential to continue to disrupt, existing markets and businesses;
  • the ability to utilise new technology to disrupt existing industries;
  • demonstrated growth potential and scalability; and
  • an appropriate capital structure to fund research and development, as well as growth.

Complementing a relatively large exposure to major listed global companies will be a selection of smaller positions identified by the Investment Manager that have the potential to successfully disrupt existing industries and companies.

The Investment Manager may seek to identify and source opportunities in unlisted Australian and international companies that are typically at an earlier stage in their business life-cycle than the Fund’s listed investments but which have a disruptive business model or technology that the Investment Manager believes has the potential to be successful. This may involve participation in pre-IPO fund raisings but will not encompass early stage or venture capital-type investments.

The investment process is conducted by the Investment Manager who coordinates with the Investment Committee and Portfolio Manager to assist with investment decisions.

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