About Orca Global Disruption Fund

The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with capital growth over the long-term through exposure to companies that will benefit from disruptive innovation.

The term disruptive innovation was coined to describe a process where a smaller company with fewer resources initially targets a particular market niche and then eventually displaces previously dominant competitors, with its offering taken up by the primary market. However, colloquial usage of the term “disruption” or “disruptive innovation” tends to be more broad, describing the role innovation plays in significantly transforming markets, industries, and companies.  Disruption has become increasingly prevalent over recent years, driven by advancements in technology such as fixed line broadband, developments in mobile network speeds and capacity, smartphones, cloud technology and the internet of things.

The Fund has access to an Investment Committee comprised of highly experienced industry professionals and a Portfolio Manager. The Investment Committee and Portfolio Manager understand the role that technology and innovation play in global and domestic markets and have deep insight and experience in this type of investing.

The Investment Committee comprises:

  • DAVID EVANS BEc. (Monash) | Chair
  • RICHARD GOYDER AO, BCom (UWA) | Committee member
  • PAUL BASSAT, BCom, LLB. (Melb) | Committee member
  • DAVID THODEY AO, BA (VU Wellington), Hon Doc (Deakin) | Committee member
  • SALLY HERMAN BA (UNSW), GAICD | Committee member
  • JEFFREY COLE Ph.D. | Committee member

See Investment Committee & Portfolio Manager for more detail.

Key benefits of investing in the Global Disruption Fund include:

  • High quality and experienced Investment Committee
    The Fund has access to an Investment Committee comprised of highly experienced industry professionals and Portfolio Managers.
  • Exposure to global disruption themes
    The Fund’s objective is to invest in companies that have the ability to disrupt, existing markets and companies as well as a selection of smaller innovators who have the potential to disrupt existing industries and companies.
  • Portfolio hedge
    Exposure to companies that are potential beneficiaries of disruption may offset declines in the value of some traditional companies that have suffered from disruptive effects and, by extension, potentially act as a hedge for existing investment portfolios.
  • Geographic and sector diversification benefits
    The Fund offers the opportunity for Australian investors to diversify their investment portfolio beyond equities traded in Australia


Like all investments, an investment in the Orca Global Disruption Fund carries risk which may result in the loss of income or principle invested. In addition to the general risks of investing, specific risk associated with investing in the Fund include, but is not limited to, investment selection and strategy risk, concentration risk and currency risk. For further information about the risks of investing in the Fund please refer to Section 4 of the PDS.

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