Services and fees

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Investment Manager

Orca Funds Management Pty Limited is the Investment Manager of the Fund.

The Investment Manager is responsible for investment decisions for the Fund, trade execution and portfolio management.

The Investment Manager has in place a number of arrangements to access necessary skills and expertise, including a consultancy agreement with each member of the Investment Committee. The Investment Committee provides expert advice and recommendations in relation to the Fund’s investment portfolio including investment strategy, evaluation of investment opportunities and potential disposals as well as portfolio management.  The Investment Manager also has access to the expertise of Raymond Tong as Portfolio Manager and Evans and Partners for execution of trades.

The Investment Manager will charge an investment management fee of 0.95% (inclusive of GST and net of RITC) of the gross asset value of the Fund.

Responsible entity

E&P Investments Limited is the Responsible Entity of the Fund.

The Responsible Entity is responsible for the overall management of the Fund, including the determination of its strategic direction with the aim of increasing Unitholder wealth through the performance of the Fund.

The Responsible Entity will charge a responsible entity fee for the operation of the Fund of 0.08% per annum (exclusive of GST) and an administration fee for the administration of the Fund of 0.25% per annum (exclusive of GST), of the gross asset value of the Fund.

Fund administration services

Australian Fund Accounting Services Pty Limited (a related entity of the Responsible Entity) provides administration and accounting services to the Fund. Time spent by staff is charged to the Fund at agreed rates under a Services Agreement.

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